Beautiful and refined caskets are what your expensive jewellery requires.And all these ring caskets can be found in this series.You have large choice for one-ring caskets. You can as well choose a case for your fabulous necklace or other jewels.

Code:   6.1
Description:   Candlestick - Made by quality wood of root nut tree. A metal part from the gilt bronze. Has faultless mirror luster, owing to special varnishing and manual polishing.
Size:  H=310 D=135


Code:   6.2
Description:   For rings
Wood:  Nut root
Size:   95 x 95 x 60


Code:   6.3
Description:   For watches with bracelet
Wood:   Cherry, oak
Size:  250 x 55 x 40


Code:    6.4
Description:   Casket
Wood:  Nut root
Size:   220 x130 x 50


Code:  6.5
Description:   For earrings
Wood:   Nut root
Size:   95 x 95 x 60


Code:    6.6
Description:   For the pendant
Wood:   Nut root
Size:   110 x 70 x 34

Code:  6.7
Description:  For rings
Wood:  Makhagon; oak, nut; gharaghach
Size:  170 x 95 x 95

Code:  6.8
Description:  For rings
Wood:   Gharaghach
Size:  85 x 85 x 75

Code:  6.9
Description:  For rings
Wood:  Gharaghach
Size:   85 x 85 x 80

Code:   6.10
Description:  For rings
Wood:  Oak, gharaghach, Makhagon, oak
Size:   63 x 63 x 63

Code:  6.11
Description:   Casket
Wood:   Beech

Color: Black
Size:   180 x 110 x 50

Code:  6.12
Description:  For special ornament
Wood:   Beech

Color: Black
Size:  F=100 H=160

Code:   6.13
Description:  For watch
Wood:  Lime

Size:  110 x 82 x 60

Code: 6.14

Description:  Elegant handbag clutch

Wood: Oak painted in red, green and black  colors.  Internal furnish from natural suede․

Size: 280 x 150 x 47

          350 x 150 x 47

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