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    “Levand” LLC produces wooden accessories since 1986. We offer a big variety of boxes designed for watches, gold and silver jewelry, caskets, stemware, statuettes, weapon, spirits and etc.
Our specialists and clients can renovate the assortment as a result of mutual suggestions and ideas.
Our achitectural department projects and gives authorized samples to be made by skillful masters. We can make wooden boxes of any colour and any type of wood, as well as we select the color of the inner refinement. Your logo trademark can be applied on the cover.


Our company is rich in stationary and multiprofile equipment, in addition to variable mechanical and electrical instruments.
We work only with materials offered by worldwide famous companies, using proficient methods for high quality tree drainage.

“Levand” LLC participated in many exhibitions proved by the certificates granted for quality, technical and design solutions of our production.

The sole owner of “Levand” LLC   A. Badalyan offers cooperation to all of those organizations who are interested in the production range increase, and are eager to supply the market of Armenia with various products of well known companies.
We work with pleasure to provide the best quality out there.
We do our best to satisfy our mutual requirements.

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